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Teamwork, leadership and stress management courses

At Cineon Training we offer a range of team based courses that improve an array of factors within your work force, no matter your industry.

At Cineon Training we offer a range of team-based courses in Human Performance and Human Factors that utilise Immersive Technology and Eye-Tracking to explore and coach a range of skills and behaviours that are critical for success.

In keeping with our core philosophy these courses are evidence-based and founded in contemporary academic research in neuroscience and performance psychology.

They all include immersive Virtual Reality content and can include your own site-specific simulations. They can be delivered on your site or at our cutting-edge facilities in Exeter, UK.

We focus on key human performance areas such as

  • Performance under pressure
  • Workload Management
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Situational awareness
  • Hazard perception

Courses are modular and can be delivered over a whole or half day.

See below for a video taken on one of our training days. Please get in touch to find out more and book.

Our training courses can be delivered in a half or full day session.

We can also deliver courses on site.

Stress and Pressure Course

Dealing with Stress and Performing Under Pressure

  • Exploring theories relating to stress, using immersive gamified tasks.
  • Exploring interventions that can help deal with stress and protect performance.
  • Discussing case studies from a number of industries including aviation, sport and medicine.

Teamwork, Communication and Leadership Course (TCL)

  • Exploring seminal theories that describe the positive effect of leadership.

  • Exploring the importance of teamwork and communication using immersive gamified tasks.

  • Considering the importance of clearly defined and accepted roles within a team.

    Situational Awareness –  Task and Hazard Perception Course

    • Using eye tracking technology and neuro-scientific theory to explore the fragility of attention and concentration.

    • Discussing interventions that can mitigate against the negative effects of poor attention.

    • Undertaking 360 training scenarios to test and evaluate situational awareness.

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