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Teamwork, leadership and stress management courses

At Cineon Training we offer a range of team based courses that improve an array of factors within your work force, no matter your industry.

Our bespoke high fidelity immersive environments can improve:

  • Stress management
  • Performance under pressure
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Situational awareness
  • Hazard perception

The courses we provide follow our principles of evidence based training and utilise immersive learning techniques. They all include immersive Virtual Reality content and can include your own site specific simulations. They can be delivered on your site or at the University of Exeter’s Exploration Lab.

Courses are modular and can be delivered over a whole or half day.

See below for a video taken on one of our training days. Please get in touch to find out more and book.

Our training courses can be delivered in a half or full day session.

We can also deliver courses on site.

Stress and Pressure Course

Dealing with Stress and Performing Under Pressure

  • Exploring theories relating to stress, using immersive gamified tasks.
  • Exploring interventions that can help deal with stress and protect performance.
  • Discussing case studies from a number of industries including aviation, sport and medicine.

Teamwork, Communication and Leadership Course (TCL)

  • Exploring seminal theories that describe the positive effect of leadership.

  • Exploring the importance of teamwork and communication using immersive gamified tasks.

  • Considering the importance of clearly defined and accepted roles within a team.

    Situational Awareness –  Task and Hazard Perception Course

    • Using eye tracking technology and neuro-scientific theory to explore the fragility of attention and concentration.

    • Discussing interventions that can mitigate against the negative effects of poor attention.

    • Undertaking 360 training scenarios to test and evaluate situational awareness.

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