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Dr Sam Vine is a Professor in Psychology at the University of Exeter, with a broad range of interests in the area of skill learning, expertise and performance under pressure. He is particularly interested in how visual attention (examined through eye tracking) and other physiological processes mediate motor skill and decision making performance. Sam applies his research to a range of different domains (e.g., sport, surgery, military, and aviation) and populations (e.g., children, elite performers and patient groups).

Kate Sprake is a certificated Radiation Protection Adviser and has worked in both the Nuclear industry and the medical sector and hence brings a wealth of experience to the team. Kate is still active in healthcare and undertakes risk assessments and delivers training for hospitals working with sources of ionising radiation. Kate is an experienced trainer working both with schools and industry.

Toby de Burgh has many years of experience working as a senior consultant in the nuclear industry, primarily in nuclear safety but also waste management and engineering. He started his career working with submarines at Devonport Dockyard before moving into reactor decommissioning with Magnox and Research Sites Restoration Ltd. Toby is a XR training specialist having overseen XR development projects across a range of safety-critical sectors.

Nic Steevenson is a former fast jet Navigator. She spent over 10 years in the RAF where she was a highly qualified instructor and mentor. She latterly flew missions as part of a developmental missile firings team, working in a demanding and pressured environment.

Nic is a qualified Crew Resource Management Trainer and provides specialist advice and training to Air Ambulance Crews including doctors, paramedics, pilots and ground staff.

Nic is passionate about Human Factors training and has used her skills across industry.

Ross Lockett-Kirk joins the team as Cineon Training’s lead developer, building VR environments. Ross graduated from the University of South Wales with a first class honours degree in computer games design. He has vast knowledge of working with design software packages and is instrumental in working with the team to assist in the design and build of all our VR training simulations.

Mike Duxbury is Cineon’s Unity developer specialising in C# development. Mike has enjoyed a varied career in IT and management before studying virtual reality game design via the University of London. Mike has a huge amount of experience in VR creation and is also a capable 3D designer being competent in Blender and Autodesk Products.

Dr David Harris is a researcher in Psychology interested in skill acquisition, cognitive training and performance states. In particular, he is interested in the role of eye movements and visual attention in these areas. David has applied his research to a range of environments, including surgery, the military and gaming. His current work focuses on virtual reality and assessing the effectiveness of virtual environments for training cognitive skills.

Dr Tom Arthur is exploring new ways of studying and training human motor skills. His research and professional experiences span across various domains, including elite sport, high-risk occupations, and clinical psychology. Tom’s academic work integrates research methodologies from wide-ranging scientific fields (e.g., psychology, sport science, virtual-reality, and computational neuroscience), and he is currently combining eye-tracking technology with VR to investigate sensorimotor difficulties in autism.

Kurtis Watkins – Kurtis is a Unity developer with a degree in Interactive Digital Immersion from Plymouth University

Tilly Loveland-Perkins – Tilly is a Data Scientist and Researcher with a background in machine learning and animal sciences.

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