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INCORA – Radiation Training

Training for Infection, Contamination and Radiation Protection Skills

INCORA is software for training Infection, Contamination and Radiation protection skills.  It contains simulation functionality that we have developed and field-tested with partners such as Innovate UK, Sellafield Ltd and the NHS. 

The software is designed to accurately model hazards such as radiation contamination or biohazards such as the COVID19 virus. It is able to model, track and visualise these invisible hazards in order to create a unique training simulation that it is impossible to replicate in real life without considerable risk to personnel. 

The software has been used to train nuclear power plant workers as well as hospital workers and is available in both nuclear and clinical formats. Its tracking system covertly logs if contaminated surfaces have been touched and where that contamination may have spread to.  Its radiation modelling also includes radiation ‘shine’ based upon a range of source terms and allows for shielding attenuation.

As well as hazard simulation it also replicates a range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), contains dose tracking and monitoring functionality (nuclear) and has eye-tracking functionality in order to provide a unique insight into the human factors around hazard awareness and information acquisition.

    Product Delivery

    INCORA can be delivered in a number of formats; either as a standalone course delivered by Cineon Immersive Training, as a course delivered by one of our Trusted Training Partners, or purchased as site specific training simulation for use in-house to your specification and simulating your specific facilities and/or hazards.

    Cineon Delivered Workshop

    Cineon Immersive Training can deliver in house radiation safety training or teambuilding/leadership courses. We have a highly experienced team of nuclear safety specialists with decades of experience in the industry. Each course can be custom made to your specification. Please contact us to find out more.

    Our workshops are bespoke to order to ensure maximum value gained and engagement, contact us now to book.

    Become a Training Partner

    Become a Cineon Immersive Training Partner to gain access to industry leading VR developers and academics, discounted headsets and the ability to deliver unrivalled training efficacy and delegate engagement. We are already working with numerous training providers ensuring they remain the most competitive in their education environments.

    Are you ready to deliver industry leading education and behavioural training?  Contact us now.

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