Safer Internet Day 2019


We were tasked by the South West Grid for Learning, in partnership with the UK Safter Internet Centre, to create an interactive learning resource aimed at children aged 7 to 11 to promote healthy online habits.

What we did:

We designed a 360 App for use on Android smart phones and Google Cardboard, which could be used as an educational resource both in the classroom and at home.

We used 360 photography to create a virtual tour of a typical family home and added ‘hotspot’ areas, which identifies objects that children need to decide are safe to share online.

All the items were chosen to promote the theme of the 2019 Safer Internet Day campaign run in schools across the country in February, surrounding consent online and sharing data. Items include sharing personal data and information such as your name and address online, and also looks at devices and items in the home that stores and uses our data, such as smartphones and tablets.


The children loved using the app with many teachers reporting it was a useful tool in promoting discussion about how children give consent and how data is shared online.

"I like the idea of the app and can see this being utilised in the classroom to enhance important online safety messages. I would recommend this to teachers across the UK" – Kathryn Goldbury, Google Play reviewer

The Data Detective app is available to download from the Google Play Store for free.