Using VR and Eye-tracking in Autism Research

The VR set up for Tom's work

Our newest member of the Cineon team, TOM ARTHUR, is a PhD research student at the University of Exeter. This blog focuses on a new and exciting application of VR eye-tracking in his research, which has increased scientific understanding about Autism Spectrum Disorder. This work is being conducted by the VITAL research group in Exeter, in collaboration with the Centre … Read More

Training complex tasks shouldn’t be this fun should it?

We have designed a computer game to help dismantle a real nuclear reactor. Working with Magnox Ltd we have developed a virtual simulation of their Dragon test reactor which operated in the 1960’s and 70’s. The reactor is due for decommissioning next year and the work will be undertaken using a laser deployed by a robot arm. The simulation we have created … Read More

Using gaze and fixation research to develop VR pilot training

Gaze and fixation points of virtual reality flight deck simualtion

CINEON has been working with a jet training company to develop a prototype virtual reality application to train pilots using the Pico Neo 2 Eye. Working with Aquila Jet Training, Cineon are developing a training system that utilises in-VR eye-tracking to provide Feedback Eye-Movement Training (FBEMT) – proven to enhance training efficiency. The training tool is based upon an Airbus … Read More

Helping frontline NHS staff with limited PPE choices

Covid 19 PPE Training

Cineon Training has created a free online training app to support NHS staff with limited PPE choices during the Covid-19 pandemic. We saw how much the NHS is struggling with PPE, and wanted to use our immersive training expertise to support key workers. After discussions with medics, we mobilised a team of 17 skilled professionals and created our COVID-19 PPE … Read More