Using VR and Eye-tracking in Autism Research

The VR set up for Tom's work

Our newest member of the Cineon team, TOM ARTHUR, is a PhD research student at the University of Exeter. This blog focuses on a new and exciting application of VR eye-tracking in his research, which has increased scientific understanding about Autism Spectrum Disorder. This work is being conducted by the VITAL research group in Exeter, in collaboration with the Centre … Read More

Training complex tasks shouldn’t be this fun should it?

We have designed a computer game to help dismantle a real nuclear reactor. Working with Magnox Ltd we have developed a virtual simulation of their Dragon test reactor which operated in the 1960’s and 70’s. The reactor is due for decommissioning next year and the work will be undertaken using a laser deployed by a robot arm. The simulation we have created … Read More

Using gaze and fixation research to develop VR pilot training

Gaze and fixation points of virtual reality flight deck simualtion

CINEON has been working with a jet training company to develop a prototype virtual reality application to train pilots using the Pico Neo 2 Eye. Working with Aquila Jet Training, Cineon are developing a training system that utilises in-VR eye-tracking to provide Feedback Eye-Movement Training (FBEMT) – proven to enhance training efficiency. The training tool is based upon an Airbus … Read More

The psychology of learning and VR training

Eye Tracking training game

In this blog post, DR DAVID HARRIS, from the University of Exeter, discusses how psychological theories and learning principles underpin what we do at Cineon to develop meaningful, useful, virtual, training tools that work to maximise skill learning. THE training tools that we develop at Cineon are underpinned by a number of learning principles. By designing VR training tools based … Read More

Helping frontline NHS staff with limited PPE choices

Covid 19 PPE Training

Cineon Training has created a free online training app to support NHS staff with limited PPE choices during the Covid-19 pandemic. We saw how much the NHS is struggling with PPE, and wanted to use our immersive training expertise to support key workers. After discussions with medics, we mobilised a team of 17 skilled professionals and created our COVID-19 PPE … Read More

Cineon offer help to train NHS staff battling COVID-19 virus

A TRAINING company from Devon is offering up its services to help support the NHS in its fight against the Corona Virus. Cineon Training is a company that specialises in delivering remote, screen based interactive training. They are now asking how they can help in the nation’s effort to stop the spread of Corona Virus COVID-19. Company boss Toby de … Read More

Cineon brings VR to Galp Energisers Summit

Lady using Virtual reality headset in front of poster

THE Cineon team have returned from Lisbon where they attended the Galp Energisers Summit 2020. Representatives from Galp saw our virtual training tool designed to train oil refinery operators, and developed using cognitive task analysis, in action at a demonstration in Brussels last year. The Galp annual conference was attended by more than 1,000 delegates from across the globe and … Read More

New work with Magnox to train workers in decommissioning activities

WE have been commissioned by Magnox to create a virtual training tool to teach workers how to use specialist tools used in decommissioning activities. Cineon Training are again working with Magnox, this time to create a virtual version of a laser cutting tool which is to be used to dismantle a nuclear reactor. This virtual laser cutter will be used to train … Read More

Concawe training tool features in Dutch article

WE are delighted to feature in an article about our VR training work in the oil industry, from the Dutch oil refinery association VNPI, whose conference we were invited to attend last year in The Hauge. The article refers to our Oil refinery Virtual Reality Training Simulation Tool developed with Total, Antwerp and Concawe, and features an interview with Cineon … Read More

Cineon founder meets Dutch minister for energy and environment

Conference attendees watching a Virtual Reality demonstration

CINOEN founder Toby de Burgh, was honoured to meet the Dutch Secretary of State for Energy and Environment, Stientje van Veldhoven, during a conference last month. Cineon was invited to the Dutch oil refinery association VNPI annual conference and dinner at The Hague in December, to demonstrate the oil refinery Virtual Reality Training Simulation Tool developed with Total, Antwerp, and … Read More