Pioneering evidenced-based training and therapy using immersive technology

Intelligent and Adaptive Immersive Training - using eye tracking technology

Cineon is the leading expert in eye-tracking based Human Performance training using immervice technologies such as VR.

COVID19 PPE Training

We have developed web based training on PPE that can be used on your desktop PC. This training is designed as a supplement to the official Public Health England guidance, not as a replacement of it. Let’s fight this virus together.

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Due to recent contracts and rapid expansion, we are looking for two new members to join our exciting and fast paced business.  

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Cineon Immersive Training

Specialists in immersive technology and Eye-Tracking for a range of training and therapeutic applications.

Cineon Immersive Training is a new kind of training consultancy. We specialise in Immersive Learning and provide Human Performance training and consultancy for a range of industries. Our aim is to enhance learning and improve performance through evidence-based training. We apply cutting edge research and adopt immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) simulation to understand and optimise human behaviour in safety critical and high pressured environments. 

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Our Latest products

Patient Scanning Experience

Our MRI patient experience has now launched. Developed with the NHS and the University of Exeter this virtual experience has been designed to save the NHS millions in costs from cancelled appointments by anxious patients.


Developed with Sellafield Ltd and Innovate UK this software is designed to train workers in procedures and processes relating to the use of PPE and working in Radiation Controlled Areas.  It is also used as a human performance training tool for teams.


TACET is our new competency training flight crew platform that will utilise eye tracking and behavioural monitoring parameters to better train aircrew competency and measure behavioural proficiencies.


We are developing a suite of software functions called Psych Adaptive Virtual Environments (PAVE). As well as enabling the use of ‘feed forward’ and ‘feedback’ eye movement training techniques, the software also allows VR headsets to index user emotional response and adapt the virtual environment in real-time, without the need for additional hardware.  

This software has the potential to significantly enhance the use-case for VR with applications in therapy, training, entertainment and gaming.  

We are currently working on enhancing the effectiveness of the in-VR emotional indexing though the development of a novel Artificial Intelligence (AI) system based upon eye-movement data.


Cineon have created unique eye-tracking based software to assist security forces training to undertake room clearance procedures. The software is called Room Clearance Adaptive Training (RCAT).  The software is currently undergoing testing with MOD units. Watch this space for more details.


We create immersive training content and simulations using cutting-edge techniques such as Virtual Reality, Eye-Tracking, 360 Video and Spatial Sound design. Research demonstrates that these techniques improve training outcomes and participant engagement levels.

Evidence based

Unlike other providers our training makes use of contemporary scientific research, and psychological theory. We combine Best Practice from a number of high hazard and safety critical industries such as aviation, nuclear, medical and defence.

Results Driven

Its our fundamental belief that Human Performance training should deliver real, tangible and measurable benefits to those undertaking it. We work with our clients to address specific issues, and to measure trends in performance as a result of training.

Recent Immersive Training Projects

Industry Leading Eye Tracking Behaviour Training Specialists


The eye tracking technology we have developed has allowed us to solve complex safety critical problems across the globe in a range of dangerous working environments, preventing harm and improving systems processes.

Our eye tracking technology enables us to record the eye movements and gaze behaviour of a subject, which has many applications in the world of performance and behaviour training.

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